Boat Rentals

2020 Marine Rates

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Per Hour
4 Hours
1 Day*
Full Week
21' Pontoon Boat w/60 HP    $240   $340 $1600      
18' Pontoon Boat w/40 HP
14' Fishing Boat - w/10 HP
Canoe/Paddleboats,KayaksSingle Kayaks and Stand-Up Tandem Kayak

We had a huge success in 2013 with flat rate rentals of Canoes, Kayaks, Stand-up Boards and Paddle-boats.

We are continuing with it. Basically you pay a flat rate good for 1 day and you can use any boat included at anytime provided you return it to the rack when not in use. This allows you to use a variety of crafts without the pressure of times. Kids under 16 are free (up to two) when an adult rents a boat. Kids can take their own boat.

Dockage 16ft
-Season $450
Dockage 20ft
--Season $575
Dockage 24ft
-Season $675
Dockage Outside 24ft+
Season $30ft

All dock rates are double if you are not a current guest. Daily and weekly rates are for overnight guests only and do not apply to seasonal guests.

Life jackets, dockage, safety kit, paddles, oars, and temporary boat licence included with each boat rental 
Prices do not include fuel or applicable taxes 

* 1 Day is from 9am until 8pm. Early pick-up or late drop off may be available. Please check with the office at time of reservation.
Boats being delivered to another lake require $2,500.00 
security deposit by either Visa or Master card

Full day bookings can be made online. 4hr bookings can only be done the within 24hrs of use subject to availability.

Dock Rentals


Skycroft has docks available whether for the night or the season 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days Week
Dockage 16ft
Season $400 $15 $30 $45 $75
Dockage 20ft Season $510 $20 $40 $60 $100
Dockage 24ft Season $615 $25 $50 $75 $125
Dockage Outside 24ft+ Season $25ft $1.00ft $2.00ft $3.00ft $5.00ft


Dock rates are for overnight campers only. Seasonal rates are for seasonal campers only. Outside guests not camping overnight or seasonal are required to pay double the rate. 

Boats using slips unregistered with Skycroft is not tollerated, subject to a $250 charge and removal of the boat and associated costs of doing so. Skycroft had only limited space available. Skycroft reserves the right to remove any boats without warning.

Persons launching boats from Skycroft without registering are subject to a $250 charge.