2021 Seasonal Camping

Rates & Availability

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to inquire about these sites.

If you'd like to start camping seasonally but need a trailer, be sure to check out the Trailer For Sale page.
Just click here for Trailers For Sale

They frequently come with seasonal fees included along with such amenities as decks and sheds all set up.

The Camping season begins on May 15 and end on October 15
Seasonal opening date is May 1st
All trailers coming into the park must be under 20 years of age. Once the trailer turns 20 it loses the option to be sold on our property with the site. 


For a photo tour of all the sites, visit our Facebook photo albums and look up "Skycroft Grounds"
Skycroft is smoke free off sites.
Smoking is only permitted on your own site only. 
This includes all types of smoking and vaping. 


2021 Availability
      O Premium Site/Water Level East Facing 4 pt. w/Wtr, 30 amp., Sewer, Phone hookup. and private Dock    $9607    Sold Out*
Premium Shore Sites 4 pt. w/Wtr, 30 amp., Sewer, Phone hookup. and private Dock
 Sold Out*
Premium Shore Sites 4 pt. w/Wtr, 30 amp., Sewer & Phone hookup.
 Sold Out*
Premium Shore or Waterview Campsites 2 pt. w/Water and either 20 or 30amp Elec. hookup. Hilltop1 30amp w/water and Waterview.
Wolf Rock Area- Most Preferred Campsite  w/Water/30 amp. Electric. & Sewer. Hilltop5  30amp w/water and Waterview.
  Sold Out*
Wolf Rock Area- Preferred Campsite  w/Water/30 amp. Electric & Sewer
   Sold Out*
Wolf Rock Area- Semi-Preferred Campsite  w/Water/30 amp. Electric & Sewer. 
 Sold Out*
Wolf Rock Area- Basic Campsite w/Water/30 amp. Electric &Sewer
Preferred Campsites w/Water & 30 amp. Electric
Shoreline Campsites w/Water & 15 amp. Electric
Basic Campsite w/Water/30 amp Elec.
  Sold Out*
Preferred Campsite w/Water/20 amp Elec.
  Sold Out* 
Preferred Campsite w/Water/15 amp Elec.



Waiting List

Skycroft's waiting list is stictly first available categorized with amps and waterfront, not sites themselves. current guests have first rights to move before the waiting list is looked at.

Skycroft has done away with the traditional waiting list where we just add your name. It's great but guests add their names to multible parks and becomes a difficult situation when the lists get long or guests find another park but not let us know they want to be removed. 
Now to be added to the list, to show sincerity Skycroft is asking for a $800 refundable deposit upfront. How this works is you will be added to the list and at anytime you decide to be removed from the list, (example you found another park or even you decided you no longer want to be seasonal), let Skycroft know and Skycroft will return your deposit. However if Skycroft contacts you first with a site available, Skycroft will then apply the deposit to that site, but if you decline it, the deposit is then lost. With that Skycroft would like you to add you to the list, so if you are sincere wanting to join us here, please register with us. If any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Extra Guests (Guests may also register at daily or weekly rates)
Each additional Adult Seasonal Guest (17 years and up)
Each additional Youth Seasonal Guest (6-16 years old)
Sewage Pumpout (double for full time seasonal)
Marine Dockage on a 16' Dock (ends Sept. 30)
Marine Dockage on a 20'-22' Dock (ends Sept. 30)
$610-$40pf 22+
Off Season Equipment Storage
Per Camping Trailer (includes any associated sheds and decks)
Misc. decks and sheds stored without the camping trailer
Boat on a trailer (non-sheltered)
Includes all fixtures, waste pipes (& pumpout if required)
Type Additional Trailers (on the same campsite) Full Time Use (over 50% actual utilization of campsite)
on a 15 amp. elec. campsite
on a 20 amp. elec. campsite
on a 30 amp. elec. campsite
Prices do not include applicable taxes