Our Guarantee

chairs-by-the-lakePeace, serenity, and nature. Skycroft has always been a place where one can escape the busy day to day city life and enjoy the sounds of laughter and play in a beautiful natural environment. Back when we were kids to find the action was to find where all the bikes were parked. That is lost now in the city but still can be found here at Skycroft.

Peace it knowing we are all happy. No war of fighting with work, traffic, neighbours and the day to day stress of city living. Here the kids play, laugh, and explore. Parents get together and have barbecues, play cards, tell stories and join their children in their adventure. At the end of the day families gather around fires, roast their treats and simply get lost in the moment.

Serenity is the environment around us. Knowing your children are having fun, creating life long memories, and best friends. At Skycroft you are so calm and in a tranquil state you literally feel your stress fade away. All your neighbours are your friends, everyone waves at everyone, shakes their hands, smiles, and everyone knows your name.

Nature. Skycroft is set in a natural environment and you will experience more than a raccoon checking to see if your cooler is locked or not. Early morning walks you could see deer walking through the park, turkeys, swans, geese, loons, blue heron, and so much more. The fishing is fantastic and the lake is so beautiful. Have your morning coffee on the beach and watch the sun dance off the lake as you listen the the birds sing you a morning song.

Skycroft is dedicated to offering a natural outdoor experience that will help to promote the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature.


We strive to accomplish our mission statement by crafting the park to be as natural as it can be while still making accommodations for the needs a today's camping public. Some examples of how Skycroft attempts to present a natural camping experience are:


  • The roads are gravel only, no pavement is used.
  • The electrical wires are buried to hide them from view
  • The game room offers only games of physical dexterity, like air hockey, fooseball and table tennis (no electronic pinball machines or video games)
  • The beach offers natural lake swimming
  • The buidings are made mostly of natural board and batten siding to blend into their surroundings
  • An extensive natural walking trail system is offered to hike and explore
  • Waterfront offerings include canoes, kayaks and rowboats for a non-motorized fishing exerience
  • Campsites are large , spacious and heavily wooded
  • The fireplaces on each campsite are costructed of natural rock