If you have any questions concerning our campground, amenities, accepted forms of payment or anything else you can't find around the website we hope you find it here. 

Are pets allowed?

Yes pets are allowed provided they are leashed and quiet. 
Pitbulls, Doberman Pinchers, and Rottweilers are not permitted.

Are pets allowed on the beach?

No, pets are not allowed on the beach. Dogs can swim from the boat ramp or our island.

Is there a way to get to the island?

Yes we have a small tow ferry where you can pull yourself across.

Do you allow RV's?

Yes, we can accomodate RV's up to 40'.

What kind of payments do you accept?

Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, or Mastercard

Can we have guests?

All guests must be registered at the office upon arrival. Their names and payments will be registered on your account.

Do you rent boats?

Yes, we have Pontoon Rentals, V-Hull Fishing Boats, Paddleboat's, Canoes, Kayaks and Stand-Up boards.

Can we use a generator?

No, we do not allow use of generators because it takes away from the "living among nature" feel.

Do you sell firewood or ice?

We sell both firewood and ice at our camp store. Firewood is sold by the bag or for seasonal's, by the face cord. With the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer destroying our local forests, we do not allow campers to bring in their own wood. Lumber is not permitted or acceptable as firewood.

Can we have a radio at our site?

Yes, as long as the volume is kept at a very low volume. Car stereos are not permitted. Although they may be at low volume they have the tenancy of traveling further especially if equipped with a sub woofer.

Do you have sewers on your transient campsites?

None of our transient campsites have sewer hookups. We do have a drop off station that you can pull your trailer up to or you can get our portable pump out service for an extra fee.

Do you have modern facilities?

Yes. We have outhouses strategically placed throughout the park so one is always close by. As well we do have flush toilets, hot showers, and laundry facilities.

Is there a charge for showers?

No we do not charge for showers.

Is there an additional charge for electricity?

No, Skycroft is more of an all-inclusive park. We do not charge for electricity, showers, or usage of certain things like soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs.

Do you have internet access or Wifi?

Yes we do by the main building. Due to our Great Canadian shield landscape we are limited in our ability to have internet throughout the park. It is free.

How far are you from Westport?

We are 1/2 hour by car and anywhere from 1.5hrs to 3 hrs by boat pending on the motor size.

Cars on Sites. How many can I have?

Campsites vary in size so some take more, some less. We do have other areas to park, check with the office. Some bring a number of cars and are insistant they all park on the site. It is a campground, not a Walmart. Please use designated parking areas only. 

How far are you from Newboro?

We are about 25 minutes from Newboro

Are you on the Rideau Canal?

Yes, Opinicon Lake is located between Chaffeys Lock and Davis Lock. Indian Lake is to the north and Sand Lake is to the south.

Do you sell gas for the boats?

No but Brown's Marina is just north of Chaffeys Lock and they sell gas as well as the Opinicon Resort on Opinicon Lake as of 2016.

Where is the nearest LCBO?

Browns Marina 5km, then Elgin 16km.

Is your beach safe for kids?

Yes our beach is very safe with gradual slope over to 8ft deep 100ft out. We also have a pile of sand on the beach for the creative castle builders along with pails, shovels, and more.

Do you have a playground?

Yes we have a playground for the younger kids with climbing ladders, buried tires, swings, slides, and more.

Do you have hiking trails?

We have an extensive hiking trail system for all levels with 20km on the mapped portion alone. It is not owned by Skycroft but we have deeded access or agreements with several owners.  These properties are also connected to the Rideau Trail which is from Kingston to Ottawa and the Cataraqui Trail which is part of the Trans Canada Trail making the trail system one of the largest in the world.
Some studies are taking place from time to time for the Queens University Biological Station and leaving the actual trails are not permitted. From time to time a trail may be closed for studies. Please respect the closures. 

Do you allow Seedoos?

We don't own the lake but we own the ramp and docks and therefore provided the user respects the fact they are a nuisance to listen to and takes it far away from our park to play, we have no issue with them. Riders that choose to be disrespectful and decide to buzz our docks and rafts will be stripped of use of the ramps and docks immediately and can face charges. They are fun for some but they are not fun for everyone.

Do you allow four wheelers or dirt bikes?

No, Skycroft does not permit them and none of the trails in the area permit them.

How long has Skycroft been there.

Skycroft has been around since 1958

What kind of park best describes Skycroft

We have been best compared to Provincial Parks but with a better atmosphere. A family campground setting with large sites where you spend time with your own family.

What is a Level One Fire Ban?

A Level one Fire Ban permits a campfire. A campfire must be no bigger than 2ft x 2ft x 2ft at any time. Lumber is not permitted or acceptable firewood.

What is a Total Burn Ban?

This means no open air burning, burn barrels, incinerators or campfires of any size at anytime.

I heard fires are permitted for cooking. Is this true?

No. A total burn ban means just that. No fires period. The arguement could be made in remote locations but we have local services.

If it rains during a fire ban, is it automatically lifted?

No, until we have received confirmation from the Township of South Frontenac, all fire bans remain in effect.

What are the limits on boats.

They vary. All boats have 2 limits on them passengers and weight. It is which ever comes first.

If the boat says a maximum of 9 people/1250lbs and we are 6 adults and 4 kids age 3-5. Is that okay?

No, not at all. 9 people means 9 people. Regardless of the ages of the children they still count as people.
As for the weight it is what ever comes first, 9 people or the weight so coolers and other gear must be included and not exceed the limit for the boat, no exceptions. It should be noted if either are exceeded insurance automatically becomes null and void. In addition all life jackets must fit. Modern day checks officers are asking everyone to put on their lifejackets onto ensure they are all properly suited. 

Can we smoke at Skycroft?

No. Skycroft is smoke free. Smoking only permitted at you own site. rest of the grounds is smoke free and smoking is not permitted on any Skycroft boats.

How do I book a reservation.

Please do it online. 95% do it this way so take the time, do it online. We do not process reservations by phone anymore because since 95% do it online, manning the phone is not required.

If the answer to your question isn't here then feel free to leave a comment here and we will post an answer as soon as possible.